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The Designer’s Story

LAMIA NASSIF initially studied Computer Science and worked in the financial sector as an IT manager.

She then earned an executive MBA and headed financial operations departments. In a world of structure and regulations, she excelled but was not satisfied.

Meanwhile, her struggle with hypoglycemia led her to the ER, which was a wake-up call for introspection.

Deep inside, she always knew she had a creative side to tackle, so she listened to that voice and studied fashion design and pattern making, which made her fall in love with the creative process and led to establishing her own brand.

The brand

LAMIA NASSIF Fashion House was founded in 2020.

The brand’s approach is made-to-measure because the designer wants to offer a personalized experience for customers fulfilling their requirements and being as sustainable as possible by preventing waste and unsold inventory. 

The brand is a slow fashion, ethically producing garments with awareness towards social and environmental impacts.

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Slow Fashion,
Ethical and Sustainable

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Slow Fashion

Ethical & Sustainable