LBD for Lamia’s Black Dress

A little black dress with an A-line lower half with a thigh high slit adding movement and touch of
modernity, a fit corsety vibe at the bodice, strong shoulders and a square neck come together with a
grand pearl chain. Slip that dress, put that hair up, add some black shades and I am ready, you are
ready, to star in your life, any life. This little black dress is an instantly recognizable original and
wearable Lamia Nassif creation for the lady who isn’t afraid to be the talk of the town when she
wears it at a wedding, a funeral, or any event in between.”
This was my very first Lamia Nassif review back in January 2022. Since then, the little black dress was
rethought and redesigned yet it remained a staple of Lamia’s collections.
It is no secret that, with its enduring appeal, the iconic LBD is of timeless elegance, a must-have in
every woman’s wardrobe, a fashion staple for every occasion, a style companion for effortless
sophistication, and when accessorized daringly a presence with a lasting impression.
Afterall don’t we all vividly remember and tirelessly attempt to recreate Coco Chanel’s T-model with
its straight cut, or Edith Piaf’s “robe noire” with its darts, or Christian Dior’s New Look with its cinched
waist and full skirt, or Givenchy’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, or Catherine Deneuve Mod’s take, or
Versace’s bondage-inspired golden safety pin version, or Lady Diana’s revenge dress or Beyonce’s
flowy sheer black dress … yet who among us can truly pull all of these looks off? None!
As ladies, we are blessed to have different morphologies, body shapes, measurements, tastes, styles
and lifestyles … so why settle for anything other than a fully customizable black dress experience?
Within a couple of hours at Lamia Nassif’s new showroom you will be able to play with necklines,
sleeves, bodices and skirts, draw multiple sketches, check out samples, get measured, and find the
perfect balance that is your very own little black dress!
Ladies, it is time to step away from one dress, pants, shirt, coat, size, cut fits all. It is time to step
away from unsustainable unethical mass-manufactured imported clothes. It is time to invest in
personal ever-lasting slowly and locally made pieces!

Christelle from The Way It’s Worn

And what’s TWIW? It’s about: “Shaping a fairer Lebanese fashion industry by connecting the dots
between wearers, pieces, artisans and designer”.)
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